Alan Roberts is a qualified mediator and offers Workplace & Employment, Family and Civil & Commercial mediation services.

Mediation has developed over recent years to be a highly effective and quick way to resolve personal and business disputes without the need to go to court. In many cases it can prevent months, if not years, of drawn out and costly preparation for litigation. Mediation involves the use of an independent third party, (a mediator), to help bring protagonists to a resolution of their differences.

Disputes come in all sorts of guises in both personal and business settings and when they arise they can become time consuming, stressful, emotionally draining and potentially expensive and most people want to see them resolved effectively, satisfactorily and as soon as practically possible.

A trained mediator who is impartial and independent can assist both parties to negotiate their own settlement. The whole process is confidential and without prejudice. The parties can decide for themselves to try mediation or a court may require you to use mediation before a case proceeds further. Whilst mediation lacks the formality of a court no one needs to give ground if they do not wish to do so. The object of the exercise is to resolve the dispute by negotiating a mutually acceptable solution for all concerned.

The key benefits of mediation are that you can save time and a potential huge amount of money on legal costs and avoid the distress of going to court and the risk of losing outright.

Our Mediation Services include –

Workplace & Employment Mediation – this brings a robust and practical approach to dealing with disputes between employers and employees and can have the added advantage of minimising damage to often important relationships.

Family Mediation – we offer a wide range of family mediation services including all types of matrimonial, relationship and financial disputes.

Civil & Commercial Mediation – mediation on a wide range of civil and commercial disputes including property disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, wills and inheritance, professional negligence and commercial contracts.

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